110333480-66b491zFhoY9My post have been absent and long overdue for a while now…. but I decided in Light of what we are currently doing with the Joint Vision of Humanity, it was time to shed some light and share as much as I can again…

First of all I am so excited to start working in a place that will be all dedicated to the Joint Vision of Humanity. Because we did find a place that called us there and that we actually now hold the lease to. And when I get a change I will share with you how we got there and why this holds such importance to us. Right now however we are very busy moving things in, cleaning things up… finding the right places for everything and mostly: getting more stuff to fill all the rooms…. Of course we will do this in honor and light of the Joint Vision and see what comes our way naturally.

The building is insanely big and there is much to do.. but even in a short time I have spend there it feels more like our ‘home’ each day.

There is so much to share on what the Vision is and why decided to move in to a huge building and yet it can also be summarized by not letting fear and our minds take control and follow the path where wild flowers can grow and flourish…

Today Gabriëlle and I spend the day at our new ‘home’ to unpack some boxes, get a feel for the place and energetically land ourselves here. Tomorrow we will start moving the bigger peaces in that we gathered until we find better furniture.. right now: everything is welcome to get started.

First order of business will be to obtain yoga mats, meditation cushions and chairs.. lots and lots of chairs..

But for now… with all the work that is being done…. a good nights rest is what I need most. So I will venture out one more time tonight to walk the dog and then snuggle under warm blankets dreaming of what the Center will look and feel like when it is all done….