We have now moved into our new building and spend the last two weeks getting all the furniture we have relocated to this place and putting everything in it’s place. But we have 15 rooms to fill, to get lights for, to get curtains for etc etc. So it actually takes quite some coördination to get this all organized. But we are slowly but surely getting there.

What is more of a daunting task is to energetically fill and align this building. There are so much energy lines crossing and old energies that are  very comfortable there. In our deep believe that everything has its purpose it is quite a task to be there, feel ok and not be bothered by all the vortexes that this place seems to hold.

Since I also have a (temporary) contract for a job on the other side of Holland for 4 days a week this task becomes even more daunting. I need time to relax and adjust and instead I find myself working working working and fearing all the bills we have to pay. I know fear is always a limiting energy and I am certainly experiencing that however at this point it doesn’t seem that easy to turn around…. it is just there staring me in the face…

And while my inner self tells me to relax and enjoy.. another part tells me there is no way I can….So I am there in this amazing building… trying to ground myself realizing I should really enjoy being here.. but somehow I am unable to.

A small comfort is that I  always have problems adjusting after a move. Usually it will take a while for me to really be able to ground myself somewhere and for the first couple of days I feel lost… but that is usually just a couple of days…. this is now a few weeks….

And as time passes I think: did I make a mistake? And the walls pressure me while they close in on me… my breath gets shorter and shorter and I can hardly breath… we signed a contract so whether I want it or not: this is where I will be.

Energetically the message only seems to be that I am right where I am suppose to be so part of me really want to feel that within….. but it is not easy…

I have daily headaches now…. the could be related to this all.. or could not be…. No time to think about it.. I have to get to my contracted job….

Give yourself time Iris.. breathe…. things always work out.. somehow they all ways seem to…..